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2008 Boston Red Sox Schedule

Is It The Whiskey Talking?

Here is some food for thought just in time for the second half of the season. Is this Lobel coming out with a juicy story, or is it a case of Lobel being back on the sauce? - According to former WBZ sports director Bob Lobel, Manny Ramirez was fined a six-figure amount for his […]

Betting on an upcoming game

This season of baseball has been good for the Red Sox so far, and the fans have enjoyed it. Now in the play-offs it is a tense time for supporters yet a good time to reflect on the season and try and anticipate who are the favourites for the playoffs. The Red Sox take on Tampa looking to show everyone out there why they are 15/4 favorites to take the title this season. With Tampa out at 22/1 you would find it hard to bet again the Red Sox to make it through.

Because of the overwhelming odds difference you may not fancy putting your money on the Red Sox due to the limited returns. If you however want to stay loyal to the Red Sox and enjoy having a little bet then there are other alternatives to match betting and you don’t even need to leave your house. Instead all you have to do in get on your PC and go online, there you will find many great websites devoted to giving you the best sports betting odds. These sites are great tools for finding out who is the most favoured teams as the live odds on the sites will update on a regular basis.

So if you do want to put some money on the Red Sox winning the title then you could put your money on the Red Sox vs Tampa Bay game. Failing this then maybe a baseball themed slots game would be more suitable. The really good baseball themed slots games capture a great deal of the excitement of the matches themselves, through the use of top end video graphics and atmospheric sound effects, while also offering all of those features that have made slots the most popular type of casino gambling. You can play online slots as they offer an excellent chance of a payout, cheap play and a variety of exciting game bonuses – making them worth a spin for any Twins fan who doesn’t want to risk betting on their team.

Varitek Curse Found

We at the ever-popular Boston Red Sox blog have taken it upon ourselves to find out what is ailing Jason Varitek. We have seen slumps from him before, but this one has been an riddle wrapped inside an enigma, inside of a paradox.

We have traveled near and far. Gone places many would not think of going. Sacrificed our bodies for any nugget of information to this curse. We are glad to say that we are safely back in our offices and - we have unearthed the cruel beast that has stricken Varitek with the inability to move the bat from his shoulders. We now know the reason he swings widely; almost purposely missing the ball as if someone has taken away his sight.


Our Contest Winners

I know the masses have been sitting on the edge of their seats all day in anticipating of the announcement. Without further ado I bring to you the good news.

The winners of our contest are…

Matt H-C- This guy attacked our contest with such fury it can only be compared to the days my dad would use his fists in anger on our living room walls while watching the New England Patriots. (Did I say that out loud?)

ncsoxfan67 - Well it really wasnt furious, nor did it even slightly resemble anger, but this contestant came in second. Do people in NC even know what baseball is? I kid.

A Messy Dump

We hate to say we told you so, but it could happen.

The team is in the midst of it’s annual “Holy Shit, This Team Has Serious Issues” stretch. Cue up Shaughnessy and his rants - you know they are coming soon. Fellas, the long wooden objects you hold in your hands - those are bats. The quick rundown? You want to try and use them in a swinging motion to hit that white thing they are throwing at you.


Chicken Little

Is it a case of the “chicken little’s”, or are our concerns over the Red Sox legit?

The Rumble in Tampa starts tonight, 7:05pm.

Tampa has their pitching lined up as they will mound Shields, Garza and Kazmir. Boston will have Masterson, Wake, and Matsuzaka going.

Hindsight Is…

Couple fantastic decisions last night by the Red Sox organization.

First, they decide to drop the appeal on Sean Casey’s suspension. This normally would have been fine, but as luck had it - Youkilis goes out with an eye injury.

Now here is my question to you - did you find it a little overly precautionary to pull Youkilis out of the game? If you saw the “play” unfold you noticed it wasn’t a hard throw from Lowell. Lowell even describes it as a lob throw.


D-Backs in Town

Tonight the Red Sox welcome the Arizona Diamondbacks for a 3-game series. Let’s take a quick look at the match-up.

Boston is wrapping up a 6-game home stand before they embark on a very tough 10-game road trip. The Red Sox sit atop 1st place in the American League East with a 47-31 record. They hold a very tough 29-9 home record and are 6-4 in their last ten games.

Arizona is sporting a 39-37 record but are holding on to 1st place in the National League West. Like most teams, their road record is not very good at 15-22. They just got swept at Minnesota and are 4-6 in their last ten games.


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