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A Messy Dump

We hate to say we told you so, but it could happen.

The team is in the midst of it’s annual “Holy Shit, This Team Has Serious Issues” stretch. Cue up Shaughnessy and his rants - you know they are coming soon. Fellas, the long wooden objects you hold in your hands - those are bats. The quick rundown? You want to try and use them in a swinging motion to hit that white thing they are throwing at you.

We opened up our wallet a few days ago and reached an agreement with someone new to join our staff. The guy has entrenched himself in Red Sox baseball for many years, locking himself inside his house, away from the daylight, to study all things Red Sox. We will be bringing up his thoughts/findings of him from time-to-time. We call him many things, but you’ll probably know him as our “Man in the Trenches”. “Jason Varitek will not get another hit on this road trip”. Does it sound that far off? Tek is a 4-44 in his last 14 games. 4 for effin 44. Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure Ralph Tresvant had more hits.

JD Drew had a flash back last night. Guy comes to bat in the 8th and can’t find it in himself to lift the bat off his shoulders. Three pitches, three strikes - sit down.

What are you doing as a coach allowing someone batting 4-43 to step up to the plate and bat with a man in scoring position? Especially when the guy on second is the potential tying run. I’d love to hear that thought process!

It doesn’t get any better tonight fellas, Kazmir tonight. I will say this though, I do like watching Rays fans getting all giddy halfway through the season. It will be fun watching them pout when the young pitching doesn’t hold up.

Sidenote: We are tallying up the tickets on the contest. Expect the winners to be announced tomorrow morning at the latest!

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